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Breaking: Cape-to-cape cyclist reaches ocean

Gijs Stevers has just reached the ocean, signifying the end of an epic cape-to-cape ride where he cycled from the North Cape in Norway down through Europe and Africa

People said he was crazy. But now he says, he did it.

University of Copenhagen alumni, Gijs Stevers, has just announced on his Facebook that he has reached Port Elisabeth.

This means that he has biked with his electrically- enhanced bike all the way from the far north of Norway, through Europe and Africa, all the way down to the coast of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Time for a swim and a beer

Gijs Stevers trip is to raise awareness and learn more about reneawable energy. Although his bike is electrically-enhanced, it demands a considerable amount of pedaling power.

On his facebook he just posted the following update today, Monday:

»Stage 19: Pretoria – Port Elizabeth (1237km) completed! Time for a swim and a Carling Black Label – Champion men deserve champion beer!«

With him all the way

The University Post will be seeking further comments from Gijs after he recovers.

The University Post has been following Gijs on the sidelines. Read our coverage of the cape-to-cape event on the links right.

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