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Breaking news: Toxic chemical spill on Amager

If you are in and around Vermlandsgade, Upplandsgade, and Kløvermarken on Amager close all windows and doors and stay where you are. Chemical spill causes corrosive fumes that can damage lungs

A pharmaceutical company’s tank filled with 4,000 litres of boiling nitric acid caused a chemical spill on Amager Tuesday morning, reports the Danish newspaper

A relatively large area around Kløvermarken, Amager is currently closed off by the police and fire brigade. This is because the boiling nitric acid seems to have caused a chemical leak creating a yellow cloud of toxic gas above Amager.

All residents of the area have been told to stay indoors until further notice from authorities. According to there are no reports of injured persons. However, the acid fumes are corrosive and can cause damage to lungs so should be taken seriously. Inhaling the fumes may cause coughing, nausea, and vomiting.

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