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Bus trip across the Middle East

»Crazy project« to send students on bus trip to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Still spots available!

As regimes shake and fall in the high-tension Middle East, a group of Danish and international students uphold plans for what promises to be an expedition like on »a gigantic and fast steam train«.

They are planning a trip to visit and promote a series of social projects in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. An opening workshop to introduce it, The Middle East Expedition 2011 (MeXp), took place Saturday, 12 March.

The aim of the excursion is to foster political and social commitment in the Middle East through different projects with young people, the organisers explained. Youth to youth contact is the best way to do this, the group believes.

Incredible challenge

The youth of these countries need to know that they have a voice in society and that the future lies with them, the organisers say.

Two people who participated in the trip in 2010 presented their experiences at the workshop.

Their experience was like »a gigantic and fast steam train« as one said, or »a completely crazy project«. Going on the expedition was an »incredible challenge,« another added.

Still possible to join

Watch some videos from the last Middle East Expedition in 2010 here. There are still spots available.

All participants must be between 18 and 30 years old and have a passion for the Middle East and its culture, organisers say.

The second workshop will be held on 26 March.

Write an application

»This is the important one because it is when the groups will be formed«, the organisers say.

»Unfortunately, there is limited space in the expedition«, they add. As a result, possible participants must write an application explaining their project and their motivation to join MeXp.

The best applicants will get a seat on the bus trip, which will take place between 3 and 31 July. The board and lodging is financed by the Middle East expedition and a sponsors, the NGO Action Aid Denmark (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke). The organisers say they are looking for further funding. Participants will cover flight expenses themselves.

See a video presentation by the Middle East expedition here:

[video: width:640 height:390 align:center]

For more information, see the MeXp website here

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