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Business contest for humanities, social science students

Student-run organisation Suitable for Business aims to bridge the world of business, and the world of the human and social sciences

Students of the humanities and social sciences are invited to an annual free conference and case competition, aiming to connect human- and social-scientists to industry, where their skills can be put to use.

It is organised by Suitable for Business, a student-run organisation.

It is set to take place 3-5 April. The theme is Rethink Business and the focus is on a discussion of how business and students of human- and social-sciences can work together to generate value. Individual applications for the case competition will be processed, and participants will work in groups of four, to find the best solutions to some of the challenges faced by this year’s case-company, JP/Politikens Hus.

The stated goal for Suitable for Business is to bridge the gap between industry, and students of soft sciences, ultimately benefitting both, it says.

Minds and business collide

“It is our opinion that human- and social-scientists, have a large amount of valuable knowledge, which is highly relevant for businesses. For example, if a business is to succeed internationally, it is imperative for it to have a thorough understanding of language, culture, and communication.”

“Any business that wants to succeed in today’s market needs to understand its customers. Our conference will focus on how the humanities, and the social sciences, can play a central role in creating growth and value, for individual businesses, and society as a whole”, says Rikke Groth Nielsen, a student of rhetoric, and coordinator of the group.

“We believe that innovative ideas are created, when business and bright minds from the human- and social-scientists collide. We will demonstrate this, when we give students a chance to use their academic knowledge in our competition: students will be able to apply concepts and ideas from academia to create real-life value for businesses,” she says.

Anybody interested in applying to the case competition should send an email with a short motivational letter and a copy of their CV, before the 4 March deadline, to

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