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Cakes for counting legs

Our lucky winner from the University Post legs counting contest enjoyed the prize of waffles with a handful of friends

A few weeks ago, the gave out five hundred flyers with a competition: Count the number of legs visible in the photo on this article on the DHL fun run .

From the pile of correct responses we picked out randomly our winner from a hat. We then sent out our reporter to award the prize.

Doris Antensteiner (23) is a computer science exchange student at the University of Copenhagen. She wins the mocha-filled cakes to be consumed by ten waffle-loving friends.

Here for the girls

We asked her and her friends what their first impressions of Denmark were:

»We are still adjusting, I just got a place to live last week,« Onur (25), from Turkey, explains.

He works at the Studenterhuset (student café), and chose Denmark because of the good courses in Computer Science. He and his family also have friends in Copenhagen. Onur turns to his companion, Shen (24) from China, with a smile.

»There is nowhere else where you can meet so many girls at once, than here at the University of Copenhagen,« he says.

Danish style ‘waffles’

»Is that a waffle?«

Shen gives me that another-new-Danish-thing look as he takes a bite of the prize for counting the 26 legs (yes – that is the correct answer, ed.).

I explain that I had to bring cakes instead of the waffles that were promised. I then ask what Denmark is like, from his perspective.

»Well, I have only been here a month. But I like being here, the people and the courses,« he says, giggling.

»It is very, very, very different, though.«

Only crumbs left

»Is it hard to get to know Danes?,« I wonder.

»Hm, yes, maybe, what with the language and everything, you know,« Andrea (22) quickly responds and continues to talk about this wonderful Northern Mythology class she is about to start.

She is from Romania, and she is taking just as many pictures of this event as I am.

The cake is digested: Crumbs are all that is left. I hear plans about the Studenterhuset. After all, it is a Wednesday and that means international evening.

Christiania the best

Despite the windy weather and the pricey beer, they all seem to be happy to be here. Doris doesn’t only spend her days inside computer rooms.

She takes trips to museums. There are the Erasmus-activities. Then there is the Studenterhuset, the barbeques.

»I think Christiania is the best place in Copenhagen, but it is hard to explain why. It is special, I have seen nothing like it,« she says.

And the worst thing about Copenhagen? All ten friends agree, nodding together.

»The wind«

Andrea elaborates:»It is hard for me to walk sometimes.«

»Try biking,« Shen says, giggling.