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Calls to ban exit polls after media goof ups

DANISH NEWS - Social Democrats call for a ban on exit polls if the media refuses to regulate itself

A DR election projection published early Tuesday, based on very early exit polls, predicted disaster for the Social Democrats with just 22.7 pct. and sparked off a media frenzy, even though the party eventually won an unexpected 29.5 pct. This is according to media reports including and

The potential shock result was widely reported before the polls had closed, which according to the party’s spokesman on media affairs, Mogens Jensen, could have had a negative outcome on the final result.

“It’s fairly obvious that if somebody is waiting in line to vote and is told that the Social Democrats are losing throughout the country then they could be tempted to change their mind,” he said. “I would prefer the media to regulate itself and act sensibly but if they can’t then we should copy other countries and ban exit polls before all polling stations are closed at 8 pm.”

His Liberal counterpart, Ellen Trane Nørby, shared the lack of enthusiasm for exit polls but said she her party wouldn’t support legislation to ban them.

“We believe it’s up to TV and media outlets to show responsibility and allow voters the privilege of voting in peace and quiet without being bombarded with bombastic conclusions based on very limited data collection,” she said.

Article (in Danish) here.

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