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Campus Catwalk: Comfortably chic vs. computer cute

Semi-finals pits costume connoisseurs from the Faculty of Humanities against a group of typical Computer Science students

The University Post’s Campus Catwalk series enters its second, semi-final round, with Science, Humanities, Social Sciences and a surprisingly ‘divine’ Theology still floating over the waters.

Science broke the Law with 72 per cent over 28 per cent, consciousness transcended the body as Humanities beat Health with 61 over 39, while Social scientists gave Pharma students a bit of their own medicine with 70 over 30.

Biggest surprise for our appearance analysts was the small Faculty of Theology, which at the cut-off time had transcended Life Sciences with 51 over 49 per cent.

Now our Campus Catwalk series continues to the second round:

We ask you to judge whether Humanities students or Science students are the most dashing in our new series of pictures. For the Faculty of Science, we chose this time to hang out at the Department of Computer Science.

Scandinavian design, unnoticable smiles and Clarks desert boots. See the Humanities students here

Half a dress, eight pair of jeans, and a crown. See the Science students here

Which faculty has the best sense of fashion? Take a close look at the galleries and then vote in our poll below.

Remember to check out the previous fashion battles as well. You can still vote! The top-scoring loser will get a second chance.

Life Sciences vs. Theology

Law vs. Science

Pharma vs. Social Sciences

KUA vs. Health Sciences

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