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Campus Catwalk: God vs. Statistics

As the University Post Campus Catwalk enters the semi-finals, we need your help to find the winner

Amazingly, Theology, the smallest faculty at the University, has made it to the semi-finals. But maybe it makes sense.

After all, Pope Benedict recently re-started the red papal shoe fashion. Or just conjure up for yourselves images of Mother Theresa and Martin Luther.

Social Sciences are focussed on empirical observation. This of course also goes for making sure colours combine well in the mirror in the morning.

Now it is time to determine the winner. Who are the fanciest dressers? Theology students or students of the Social Sciences?

Down to earth, high on spirit: See the Theology students here

Starry statisticians wake up from their winter hibernation: See the Social Science students here

Which faculty takes the prize as the most fashionable? Please take a close look at the galleries before voting in the poll below.

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