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Campus Catwalk: The final!

Time's up! We need you to choose the ultimate winner of our Campus Catwalk competition. See our new photos and let us know who dresses the better. Students from the Humanities or Social Sciences?

For three months, we have been scouting for fashionable students around the University’s campuses. You, our readers, have selected students from the Humanities and Social Sciences as the best dressers. Now we need you to choose between them. Which campus comes in as number one?

Please take a close look at our new galleries before voting in the poll below.

Green stockings, summer ponchos and oversized t-shirts – see students from the Faculty of The Humanities here

Desert boots, Icelandic sweaters and pink sneakers – see students from the Faculty of Social Sciences here

After you have determined the winner, a new competion will begin. We will choose the best dressers from the Campus Catwalk series and let them compete with fashionable students from Hong Kong and Seoul!

See the previous fashion battles here:

The semi-finals:

Humanities vs. Science

Theology vs. Social Sciences

And the first-round battles:

Life Sciences vs. Theology

Law vs. Science

Pharma vs. Social Sciences

Humanities vs. Health Sciences

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