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Can I get a mentor?

See how you can get, or be a mentor here.

Student mentor programmes

The original mentor programme is aimed at exchange and guest students, but full degree students can also get a mentor, by joining the Global Society Programme, which was launched this semester.

»Being students themselves, the mentors can introduce you to the practical and social aspects of living in Denmark«, explains Louise B. Jensen, who has been a mentor for four years.
She adds that a mentor is not meant to help with academic matters such as writing papers.

The University of Copenhagen aims to expand its mentor network, and to include more opportunities for both exchange and full degree students.

Students must apply through their own department. You need to check out your own faculty’s website.

If you are f.ex. a humanities student you can find out more about the mentor programmes here.

For Faculty of Life Sciences click here.

Mentor programme for PhDs

In the International Mentor Network, the mentors are Danish employees from across the university, while the mentees are researchers from abroad.

The network is organised by the International Support Mobility office which has a kick-off meeting twice a year where all volunteer mentors and mentees get together. Read more here.

Mentor programme for women researchers

The University of Copenhagen Mentoring Programme for Women Researchers 2009-2010 offers women postdoctoral students and assistant professors one-to-one sparring with experienced
colleagues. Read more here.