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Cape-to-Cape cyclist dodges trouble

Copenhagen alumni Gijs Stevers attempts to cycle the length of the world. But the Middle East has posed a problem

University of Copenhagen alumni Gijs Stevers had grand plans to cycle from the far north of Norway to the southern tip of Africa however (fairly predictable) circumstances have forced him to adapt his route.

Originally planning to ride through Syria and Jordan then take a ferry to Egypt, the civil war in Syria has forced a radical rethink in his plans. He will now be avoiding the area and flying to Egypt, as he could not take a boat from Cyprus.

Many fans will be disappointed that the most ‘dramatic’ parts of his journey won’t take place but as Gijs says »Syria and unrest in the Sinai desert are keeping me away from that plan (my mum would kill me if I tried)«.

8,770km travelled so far

Despite this, his journey will take him through areas home to recent kidnappings, terrorist attacks and threats of militia activity. This will be closely followed by him heading south through war-torn Sudan and the newly created state of South Sudan. Giving plenty of opportunity for his mother to worry.

Recent stopovers he has made include the so called ‘solar city’ of Antalya. In a region of the world that gets sunshine 350 days a year it hopes to make itself self sufficient in solar energy and perhaps export energy to the rest of developing Turkey.

So far he has travelled an astonishing 8,770 kilometres in often difficult weather, it reached 40C while he was cycling in Turkey and -10 in Sweden. We wish him luck on his way.

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