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Cape Town wins Copenhagen Competition

South Africans take the finals in heated law contest. Copenhagen was their closest competitor, they reckon, but Singapore had the best speakers

The winners were surrounded by a crowd of student reporters and flash lights seconds after the announcement: The University of Cape Town from South Africa have won the 2011 Copenhagen Competition.

The third annual contest at the Faculty of Law brings together delegations from universities around the world to debate on a controversial topic. This year it was all about ‘Access to Food’.

»All four teams this morning were very strong, but I think we held our own,« South African contestant, Brigid Kell, comments. Being asked about the future, the team members agree completely. »We want to go home and finish our law degrees.«

Winners’ analysis

It was mostly in the final round, they proved themselves, the four representatives from University of Cape Town said.

In their own analysis, the teams had very different ways of arguing throughout the competition. The South Africans’ reckon that it was something like this:

Copenhagen was their closest competitor, but Singapore had the best speakers. »Gujarat was the most aggressive team. Copenhagen was by far the most diplomatic and polite, and we were kind of somewhere in the middle,« says William Attwell.

Apart from getting to know fellow law students from all over the world, the winners were introduced to new ways of negotiating and perceiving their field of study. »This competition managed to gather many different kinds of law students of all ages and levels,« says William Attwell.

Ready for anything

The taste of victory won’t be forgotten in Cape Town any time soon. The four students are hungry for more.

»We are ready to enter everything that comes our way,« smiles contestant William Attwell, who volunteers his appraisal of Copenhagen as a city.

»You guys have great bars and great Christmas beer«.

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