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Celebrating 40 years of nerdology

Technology celebrities visit computer science department’s birthday party, reflecting on the founding artefacts of modern technology

The man behind Microsoft Word and Excel graced DIKU’s 40 year anniversary celebration today, bringing gifts of insight from the birth of computer technology.

Charles Simonyi, the founder and CEO of Intentional Software Company and creator of some of Microsoft’s flagship applications, was joined by several other heroes in the history of technology. Brian Rakowski, who helped develop Google’s internet browser, Google Chrome, and Carsten Gomard, CEO of Netcompany, an IT consulting firm also spoke at the day-long event.

From megapixels to mega-fun

Simonyi, who was present in the development of some of the first computers, walked the audience through the technical advances made in the field of computer science throughout the years. Outside the auditorium of H C Ørsted Instituttet in Universitetsparken 5, attendees visited a small museum showcasing the computers Simonyi mentioned in his presentation.

After presentations, members of the department performed electronic music with an interface they designed themselves.

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