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Cheat! 2nd place UCPH team disqualified

Human resources squad took a 'two-lap short cut' at the DHL relay race. Wanted to get back quickly to sausage and beer

A thrilling second place performance by a staff squad from the central administration’s HR & O department turned out to be too good to be true.

This is after Friday’s DHL run relay race, whose internal University of Copenhagen contest was won by a team of physicists from the Niels Bohr Institute.

Organiser Niels Wollesen confirms to the University Post that the HR & O team have been disqualified from the internal ranking.

Wanted to ‘finish off and start socialising’

In a subsequent interview with the University Post, a member of the disqualified team Henrijette Sander Nissen says that the cheating was not intended to put them ahead.

They simply had the last three runners in the relay run at the same time, effectively cheating by two relay legs.

»We thought at the time, that we did not have the time to get back and socialise, and we preferred to get back and have a good time,« she says.

Apologises to other teams

Henrijette adds that it »was not an attempt on our part to put our team at the top of the rankings, and I apologise on behalf of the whole team to those who we have displaced.«

The disqualification pushes last year’s winners ChemBiol up to second place, the System Biology team up into third place.

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