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Chemical biologists sprinted to DHL victory

A team of chemical biologists were only four seconds, yes 4 seconds, ahead of a systems biology team in the staff and student fun run. Preliminary results out

Pre-race favourites, the chemical biologists team, have apparently just squeezed ahead of the Systems Biology group at the DHL race with a mere four seconds.

This is according to preliminary results that have come out on organiser Sparta’s website.

The winning team, if they have won, is a group of chemical biologists from the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, a department that recently merged into the Faculty of Health and Medicine. They were tipped as favourites by the University Post in a pre-race analysis.

Systems biology ahead in womens’ category

If they have turned out to have won, it will be three years in a row. The ChemBiol winning team is made up of Jonas Eildal, Theis Wilbek, Kristian Strømgaard and Niels Grøn Nørager.

In the mixed, men and women category, a team called Prot3 from a so-far-for-us-unknown University of Copenhagen department is ahead.

In the women’s category, it was a team from the Systems Biology group that takes the prize, thereby revenging their loss in the overall category.

Results are preliminary

Results are preliminary. Last year, the second place finishers were relegated after it became clear, that they unintentionally were pushed to the top of the ranking after only running three laps.

Then, to add to the confusion a physicist team turned out to be one man.

A typical Copenhagen downpour right after the start of the race, added drama to this years race which as always was mostly about socialising and having fun with colleagues and friends.

More on Monday

The annual DHL, is the biggest fun run in Northern Europe and has a huge University of Copenhagen following. The University has thousands of staff and students taking part in what has become a massive social event, and this year was no exception.

This year had a record participation with nearly 2,500 students and staff.

Photos below and on our facebook page in photo albums here (2nd set), here (3rd set), here (4th set), and here (5th set).

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