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Christmas Crush: Albert and Signe

Active boy meets active girl - and they end up twirling around an ice skating rink. Are Albert, 26, biochemistry student and Signe, 27, change Management student gonna do it again?

It’s early evening at the skating rink in Frederiksberg. A crowd of screaming kids, bundled in their ski clothes are circling counter clockwise, while their parents raid the coffee stand. My toes are freezing by the time I finally wave to Albert and Signe, who are swirling on the other side of the rink.

“It’s good to be active for a date,” they say after a twist worthy of a figure skating anthology. It looks like this couple has hit a chord right away.

Who was your childhood idol?
Signe: Aaron Carter. I even went to his concert at Vega.
Albert: My high school Physics teacher.

Would you rather be stuck on the Titanic or into the Matrix?
Signe: Titanic, but it’s not a difficult choice for me. You even get to fall in love with Leo, it’s not too bad.
Albert: Well, Matrix is basically set in our world, but worse, so I would also go for Titanic.

How often do you Google yourself?
Albert: Never. Ok, maybe once per year.
Signe: I actually did it last week, because my dad asked me to do it. He had just found out that you are supposed to do this sort of things and was really worried…

What song do you want played at your funeral?
Signe: I want a happy song. Maybe “Time of my life”.
Albert: A song by Eva Cassidy, “Wade in the Water”.

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