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Christmas Crush: Alessandra and Ulrik

Thrown back into the past, Ulrik, 25, IT engineering and Alessandra, 25, archaeology, meet up to see if they 'have a future'

The Library Bar, inside the Hotel Plaza, makes you wonder if you just stepped down the Orient Express rather than from a crowded bus. I wander through the lobby, totally lost, until a clerk points me towards the hidden entrance to the bar.

The place has this weird gentlemen-only club feel to it: oil paintings, Chesterfield armchairs, shelves full of leather-bound books. Alessandra and Ulrik are all dolled up in their best outfit and holding a fancy cocktail. A gigantic Christmas tree is hanging upside-down from the glass dome.

“It’s not too bad here, you know,” says Ulrik “I thought it would be very uptight, very business-like, but after sitting here for a while I think it’s actually pretty comfortable”.

What do you want to be in the next life?
Ulrik: I would like to be a professional sportsman. That’s about the opposite of what I am doing right now. I would like to have an active working life. And I’d get paid to be in shape, that sounds pretty awesome.
Alessandra: I would like to be born with some kind of artistic talent. I’ve always wanted to draw, but I’m hopeless.

Which historical figure would you like to invite for dinner?
Alessandra: Alexander the Great and all the generals of the Macedonian army. It’s going to be a dinner party, with singing, dancing. I’d keep them happy and entertained with some Italian food.
Ulrik: I’d invite the Beatles and have them play.

What is the last crime you committed?
Ulrik: I worked in a bakery and one day I basically ate all the cakes. But don’t write my name, my boss really liked me.
Alessandra: You wouldn’t believe me, but I’m actually really well-behaved. I think the worst I did was biking in the wrong direction.

What is the worst thing about Christmas?
Ulrik: It’s all wrong, it’s not even cold enough. If it has to be Christmas, it should at least be snowy. Like Norway or Iceland. If you can’t do it well, then don’t do it.
Alessandra: It was good as a kid, but now it’s like: Christmas, how nice, I have exams in a week. Christmas as grown-ups sucks, I just have too many things to do.

What is the most embarrassing music you listen to?
Some really old Danish music, like Mabel. I don’t find it embarrassing myself, but quite a few people told me I should be. Or that song that won the Eurovision, Boom Boom..
Alessandra: I secretly listen to One Direction and Taylor Swift. But I never look at the videos, it makes me feel old.

You have 20,000 DKK to spend in one hour. What do you do?
Alessandra: I’d book a flight to all the big European cities – London, Paris, Amsterdam – and go to the theater in each one of them. Musicals, drama, ballet, Shakespeare.
Ulrik: Really? Everytime I go to the theater, I just fall asleep. The seats are too comfortable. I would take the chance and spend them all on Bitcoins.

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