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Christmas Crush: Alexandra and Mohamad

Gløgg, lycra and Disney songs were on the agenda when Alexandra, 25, Physics and Mathematics student and Mohamad, 26, Biotechnology student met at Props

They say Cupid strikes where you least expect it. For example, on the dirty sidewalks in front of King of Kebab, where I meet today’s lovebirds, Alexandra and Mohamed, who look giddy after their stroll down Nørrebrogade.

We wind up at Props in Blågårdsgade, where we order a glass of gløgg and share a bench with a crowd of fellow lovers of outdoor seating in adverse weather conditions.

Which age/epoch/time would you like to live in?
Alexandra: The Middle Ages would be cool. But then there were no dentists… No, I’d go to the 90s, because of all the lycra.
Mohamad: I’m happy where I am, in a happy age where I won’t die of influenza.

What is the worst thing about Christmas?
Alexandra: Presents! The whole idea that you’re meant to give presents and having to figure out what to buy your great-grandmother and whatnot.
Mohamad: The materialism. You know, we’ve totally moved the focus from being with loved ones to… buying or eating stuff.

What embarrassing music do you secretly listen to?
Mohamad: Bamses og Billedbog. It’s a Danish children’s program, they had some really good songs! They released albums and everything.
Alexandra: Well – I still listen to Disney’s songs. I’m not even embarrassed: they’re excellent movies, with excellent music.
Mohamad: I watched them a lot, too – but some of them are horrible! Like Dumbo, and Bambi… They’ll break your heart. They’re horror stories.

You have DKK 20,000 to spend within the next two hours, or they will disappear. What do you do?
Alexandra: I’ll ask all my friends out to dinner. To a great restaurant. The rest goes to charity.
Mohamad: I would put them in stocks. What, that’s a no-go? Then I’d do charity.

Rate this place for a date
Alexandra: It’s a nice area and it’s very pretty, but it’s maybe a little bit expensive? The gløgg was DKK 50
Mohamad: That’s crazy! But I had a coffee and that was pretty cheap.
Alexandra: But I want to add that there’s also a lot of alcohol in the gløgg. Not too bad.

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