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Christmas Crush: Alix and Lasse

It looked like Alix, 23, Cognition and Communication student, and Lasse, 25 from DTU hit it off when University Post swung by their date on Nørrebro

In Blågårdsgade, there’s always something going on. Outside the café/bar Props, even on a grey Sunday afternoon, you can find at least a film crew revising the script and a couple of girlfriends gossiping outside, a blanket on their legs.

I make my way in and I find Alix and Lasse sitting at one of the tables facing the big glass window. I borrow a chair left free from the film crew, and warm my hands taking note of the answers of our heroes to the University Post’s famous love questionnaire.

Pick a Danish food to describe your personality
Alix: Æbleskiver
Lasse: I don’t think anyone wants to be like Danish food, it’s mostly fat and greasy! But I’ll continue with the Christmas theme and go for the pork roast.

Which famous person would you sleep with?
Lasse: The American singer Hope Sandoval.
Alix: I can’t think of anyone.

And which one would you slap in the face?
Alix: Sounds like a very unnecessary display of violence, but if it has to be someone, then some reality TV star, like Kim Kardashian.
Lasse: Probably Pia Kjærsgaard, co-founder of the Danish People Party

What is your secret internet addiction?
Lasse: I am very guilty of random clicking on Youtube.
Alix: Pinterest. It’s a website where you can collect links or images… but for whatever reason it’s basically a giant container of wedding and food inspiration.

Rate this place for a date:
Alix: I like that it’s big enough to hold more than a couple of tables, so you can always get the chance to sit down.
Lasse: There’s always something going on.

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