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Christmas Crush: Anastasia & Troels

In the first date in our Christmas Crush blind dating series, Anastasia and Troels were trying to get comfortable with some pool when they met our reporter

Cafe Stefanshus has been serving beer to its thirsty customers for more than one hundred years. On this specific night, the clientele includes an old gentleman reading the newspaper, a couple of students sunk in the couch, and a few regulars at the counter (tip: a beer for less than 20kr).

Troels and Anastasia are by the pool table. Radiohead is playing on repeat. She’s just won and they’e now playing a return match.

What is your most embarassing internet addiction?
Troels: Reddit. I check it, like, all the time.
Anastasia: I go a lot to a website called What the fuck should I do today.

Which historical figure would you invite out for dinner?
Troels: Churchill
Anastasia: Kierkegaard

Rate this place for a date
Troels: Well, it’s not the most intimate place in town… But pool is fun.
Anastasia: Agree. It depends on what you’re looking for.

One DKK million for sex: yes or no?
Troels: I don’t know… Is it someone attractive at least? Ok, then no.
Anastasia: Maybe.

Which decade would you want to be young in?
Troels: The 20s
Anastasia: I’ll pick the 40s, because of the dancing.

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