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Christmas Crush: Anna and Jabir

In a 70s delirium in central Copenhagen, Anna, 24, student of mathematics and Jabir, 27, law student met with the hope for a Christmas Crush

“Wow, this place is so Copenhagen,” says Jabir when we finally meet at Kalaset. Which is not easy, because the room is incredibly crowded.

While we struggle to find an extra chair, we all take a good look around: the small basement is a 70s delirium, with bold colors and mismatched furniture. The walls showcase a collection of old record players, mixers, and other weird appliances.

The little space that’s left is occupied by a young, cheerful crowd. Who would think it’s only Monday night?

Rate this place for a date
Jabir: It’s very hipster – which anyway is about the norm here – but not in a bad way. The atmosphere is good, just a bit loud.
Anna: The location is fantastic, in the middle of the city. It’s also very cozy.

Which historical figure would you invite over for dinner?
Jabir: Nietzsche. I was a philosophy major so I’d be excited to meet him. Well, half excited, half scared.
Anna: Someone from the second world war. Not a politician, more like a regular person who got to experience the war. Let’s say Anne Frank.

What do you cook for them?
Jabir: I definitely wouldn’t cook! I don’t even know how to cook. I’d bring him to McDonald’s. He never got to see fast food, so it’d be interesting to hear what his thoughts are on fast food.
Anna: I would cook! I’ll make roast chicken and potatoes.

Embarrassing music you secretly listen to?
Jabir: Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas. But there’s no guilt, it’s just a pleasure. It’s even seasonally appropriate! I totally own up to it.
Anna: I listen to Udo Jürgens, an old Austrian pop singer. But only when I’m drunk. Very drunk.

What’s your favourite place in Copenhagen?
Jabir: The part of Christiania that’s overlooking the lake. It’s quite beautiful, it doesn’t even look like you’re in the city!
Anna: The conservatorium in the Botanical Gardens.

Would you rather be with the last person you kissed for all your life? Or never be able to kiss the same person twice?
Jabir: I definitely go for a new person. I like change: “The only thing that is constant is change!”
Anna: Yeah, me too. The alternative sounds a bit dull.

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