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Christmas Crush: Bjørn and Siri

The question is: Can this date live up to all the hype?

First Bjørn was stood up by Siri, and had to entertain himself at a cold ice skating rink before finally giving up.

Then we asked our readers whether Bjørn should give Siri a second chance. While some readers said he should dump her, and go out with them instead, a majority voted for Siri to be given a second chance.

So here it is, finally, the Bjørn and Siri date. And hey! You have got to admit that they look happy about it.

We are in La Fontaine. It is an old school jazz venue: deep red walls, black and white pictures of famous musicians, worn out furniture.

The musicians are tuning their instruments for the Sunday night jam. The room is full to the brim.

Let us introduce our protagonists again: Bjørn, 23, student at CBS and Siri, 28, designer. They are tucked in a corner besides the stage and are engaged in a deep discussion. They look completely startled when I show up.

Here are the standard questions then:

Would you rather: eat a pill that doubled all your emotions? Or one that halved them?
Bjørn: Halving emotions sounds pretty dull. I would rather double.
Siri: Double.

Would you rather: be with the last person you kissed for all your life? Or never be able to kiss the same person twice?
Bjørn: I’m staying with the last person.
Siri: I’d rather not kiss the same person twice.

Would you prefer: to take care of your friend’s epileptical, incontinent Great Dane? Or of his 300 cockroaches?
Bjørn: Are the cockroaches free to roam the apartment? Can I put them in a box? (He thinks it over). Nevermind, I’d still go for the dog.
Siri: Same. He won’t be epileptic 24/7, right?

As the music starts and I gather my stuff and leave, Bjørn and Siri seem relieved. They want to get on with their date.

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