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Christmas Crush: Bjørn - but where is Siri?

As if it wasn't cold enough this night. Calendar confusion put a leg in front of this Christmas Crush and Bjørn found himself alone

Saturday night date at the ice skating rink in Frederiksberg. Are you thinking snow, fairy lights, screaming kids, happy people, etc etc? Wrong guess.

The rink is closed and fenced off, the square is deserted and on top of it it’s starting to rain. A few damp election posters are half hanging off the fence. A lonely figure is waiting on his bike.

“I’m only staying for another 5 minutes, and that’s it,” he says when I approach him.

“Anyway, I’m just here as a favour to a friend.”

No one shows up and we say goodbye to Biørn as he leaves with a “too-bad-for-her” shudder.

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