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Christmas Crush: Charlotte and Albert

Latest in our blind date countdown has our daters worried about the spiciness. Of the food that is

On a cold evening, Albert, 24, African studies and History student and Charlotte, 25, Working Life Studies meet for some Indian grub in inner Copenhagen. Charlotte and Albert are supposed to dine at Bankeråt, but they can’t score a table, so they ask me to find them at Café Munk.

The café is decorated with old armchairs, lots of silk pillows, low hanging lamps and the obligatory candles. Café Munk is a very quiet place, almost empty. There’s one other couple sitting inside, and this reporter gets confused. But I finally identify our Christmas Crush couple.

The place serves a mix of cafe’ food and more traditional Indian grub (with some interesting contamination, ie. “Maharaja Burgers”). They’re worried about the spiciness.

I test them on our repertoire of questions from the guy who wrote a book on dilemmas to see what they were up for:

Would you rather eat a pill that doubled all your emotions? Or one that halved them?
Charlotte: How long does the effect last? If it is for one night, I’d probably double. For the rest of my life, I halve.
Albert: I wanna halve too. Looks way cooler.
Charlotte: Copycat!

Would you rather be with the last person you kissed for all your life? Or never be able to kiss the same person twice?
Charlotte: I would rather kiss a new one.
Albert: Wait, what if I kissed my grandmother last? I want a new one.

Would you prefer to take care of your friend’s epileptical, incontinent Great Dane? Or of his 300 cockroaches?
Albert: Are they, like, in a terrarium? Anyway, I’ll take them. They don’t sound very demanding.
Charlotte: Yeah. They don’t really need anything, right?

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