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Christmas Crush: Dom and Charlotte

Charlotte, 26, change management student and Dom, 25, student of organizational innovation met up at the glittery and rowdy Christiania Market. Were the sparks of love ignited among Nepalese beanies, Polish fur coats, and Danish pork roast?

Inside a decrepid old military building, Christiania’s Julemarked is the right place to buy a wide range of festive trinkets, from hand-knitted dinosaur hats, to hand-knitted tea cosies, to an entire clan of Norwegian garden gnomes. The shopping frenzy seems to be powered by music of arguable quality and copious amounts of gløgg.

Charlotte is a bit late, and when Dom arrives he looks nervous: Maybe he is he scared to be alone on the front page, as this happened earlier to Bjørn.

What historical figure would you like to invite over for dinner?
Charlotte: Christopher Columbus. He was a bit of a jerk, but he did sail to the end of the world.
Dom: Dinner with Einstein sounds pretty cool.

What embarrassing music do you secretely listen to?
Charlotte: Miley Cyrus.
Dom: One Direction.

Describe a cheap thrill:
Charlotte: Diving into cold water. I should do it more often.
Dom: Biking down the hill where the Zoo is.

Rate this place for a date
Charlotte: There’s a lot crammed in here to see, so it’s perfect to walk around and talk.
Dom: It’s definitely very festive.

I leave our two daters to carry on with their business.

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