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Christmas Crush: Johan and Maria

In such a neat place, how can anyone find anything to talk about? Johan, 23, ethnology student and Maria, 25, shop manager

After all the smoky bodegas we have been through on our Christmas waltz, a classy jazz bar seems like the safest choice for a date. No smoke-filled dens, friendly drunkards or trash music on repeat: As soon as you enter Kind of Blue, you are lulled almost into a trance by the wise selection of classic records.

At the bar, you are offered free candy. And the finest Belgian beer. What’s not to love? It’s so good that it’s almost boring. Will they have anything to talk about?

What is the worst thing about Christmas?
Maria: That it can be crazy expensive!
Johan: Yes, it’s definitely buying all the presents.

Which historical figure would you invite over to dinner?
Johan: I’m feeling inspired by this place, so I’ll go for Miles Davis. He could teach me a few music tricks.
Maria: Kurt Cobain.

What would you cook for them?
Maria: Probably beef. But I don’t think Cobain ate a lot, nor he cared about food. He was mostly into drugs.
Johan: Chicken with lemon.

Embarrassing music you secretly listen to?
Johan: Disney’s classics, like the Circle of Life or Under the Sea.
Maria: I listen Medina’s songs when I workout
Johan: That’s not too bad. Kun for
is actually a pretty good track!

What is your favorite place in Copenhagen?
Johan: Harbo Bar or Props in Blågårdsgade.
Maria: Studiestræde

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