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Christmas Crush: Katie and Rasmus

It was dive bar romantic when Katie, 23, psychology student met up with Rasmus, 27, ethnology student on a cold evening in Christianshavn for their Christmas Crush blind date

Dim lights, dirty table cloths and cheap beers along with a bulldog sitting on its own chair at the neighboring table accompany Rasmus 27, student of ethnology and Katie, 23, psychology student in a Christianshavn classic, Café Høvlen.

The air is smokey and the bar is playing stale, sugary hits by Ace of Base, Hanson and Hootie & the Blowfish. Katie goes to pick up another round as I fumble with my questions.

Rate this place for a date
Rasmus: It’s alright. On a scale from one to ten, I say 7.
Katie: Alcohol, gambling, chain smoking. That’s all you need for a date. It’s great.

What’s your favourite place in Copenhagen?
Rasmus: Sitting by the lake in Christiania on a summer day.
Katie: The bathroom at Drone in Nørrebrogade. If you haven’t been there, you have to go.

You have DKK 20,000 to spend within the next two hours, or they’ll disappear. What do you do
Rasmus: I would buy a scooter.
Katie: I’d make a real estate investment.

What’s your most embarassing internet addiction?
Rasmus: Facebook.
Katie: Facebook and hardcore porn.

Another couple that seems happy to be left alone when I am finally done.

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