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Christmas Crush: Kristian and Anna

Copenhagen turned hawaii when Kristian, 29, student of International Economical Marketing met Anne, 24, event manager. Check out how it went

Remember Stefanshus where Anastasia and Troels dated? Turns out there’s another room in the back with – you guessed it – even more pool tables.

Protesting the Danish weather, all four walls are painted with
scenes from a tropical paradise, and Kristian and Anne are conveniently dressed to
match the carioca spirit with florals, tattoos and beach hair.

They haven’t had time to grab their cue sticks when the University Post is on them.

Rate this place for a date
Kristian: I looks okay. But you know, it’s never about the place, it’s about the people.
Anne: I’ve been here for fifteen minutes, so I can’t really tell. So far, so good.

What’s the worst thing about Christmas?
Kristian: No snow on Christmas day.
Anne: Hearing “Last Christmas” on the radio over and over again.

What embarassing music do you listen to?
Kristian: Music is not embarassing. Well, maybe in the 90s it was.

Would you rather take a pill that doubles all of your emotions, or one that halves them?
Kristian: Double.
Anne: I don’t know, It depends on the mood.

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