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Christmas Crush: Madeleine and Farivar

Destined for doom: Madeleine, 24, CBS student and Farivar, 35, Biologist meet just three days before Madeleine returns to her native Australia. Can Farivar convince her to stay?

We are back again at Kind of Blue. The bartender, dressed in a sleeveless leather vest, looks like Lou Reed’s unknown twin. On the counter, there are countless candlesticks and a purple skull.

Madeleine, who’s just come back from a month of travelling around Europe, has bought a small present: a golden bag of napolitaner. “It’s a cool place,” she says, “too bad I’ve discovered it so late.”

Her flight back to Australia is in a couple of days, but Farivar seems determined to make her change her mind.

What is the last crime you have committed?
Farivar: I pee’d in the street.
Madeleine: I stole a bottle of wine from the bar counter at a private party, with the help of a friend who flirted with the bartender. So we can say it was organised crime…

You have 20,000 DKK to spend within two hours: what do you do?
Farivar: I’ll buy a plane ticket to an exotic fishing destination, like Australia.
Madeleine: I go to Etsy (a website that sells vintage or homemade items) and buy every single dress from the 40s that comes in my size!

Invite an historical figure for dinner
Farivar: Nelson Mandela
Madeleine: It should be someone charming, like Marlon Brando or Oscar Wilde. Maybe Salvador Dalí? I’d save the moustache as a trophy.

Which decade would you want to live in?
Farivar: The 70s. The clothes, the music, the “peace and love” attitude…
Madeleine: I go for the 20s. Have you seen Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”?

Embarrassing music you secretly listen to?
Farivar: I only listen to good music while doing embarrassing things.
Madeleine: Power vocalists: Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Adele… They’re my exercise music.

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