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Christmas Crush: Martin & Eline

On a night where stars competed with glamoring lights, Eline, 24, midwife student met Martin, 25, history student for a blind date in Tivoli

It’s Christmas overload, with carols, lights, trees and decorations. It’s also -3 degrees, and Martin and Eline are clutching their hot drinks when I meet them at the entrance of the park.

Would you rather eat a pill that doubled all your emotions? Or one that halved them?
Eline: I’m pretty emotional as it is, so the pill that halves could only do me well.
Martin: No way – I’m doubling.

Would you rather be with the last person you kissed for all your life? Or never be able to kiss the same person twice?
Martin: I definitely don’t wanna kiss the last person again. Wait, can you write that in a more diplomatic way?
Eline: I’m not kissing the last person either. I’ll go for a new one.

Would you prefer to take care of your friend’s epileptical, incontinent Great Dane? Or his 300 cockroaches?
Eline: Definitely the dog. Wait, did you say he’s what?
Martin: What do I need to do with the cockroaches? Like, feed them, pet them? Are they roaming the apartment?

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