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Christmas Crush: Monica and Fred

Nature nerd meets film nerd as Fred, 23, and Monica, 22, take beers and blues at Mojo's. Did they hit it off?

The air is so thick with cigarette smoke, you can cut it with a knife. Blues is pouring all over the stage. We are in Mojo’s blues bar, where the air is heavy and the beers are cold.

Monica turns around and hugs one of the musicians. She is surprised to see him; he’s a family friend, she explains. Copenhagen is small town, after all. Her date, Fred, arrives and I proceed to interrogate them.

If you were to have a super power, what would it be?
Monica: I watched Superman last night. So flight.
Fred: My super power would be the ability to stop time. (Note: there’s no hesitation at all; clearly Fred has thought about this question before the University Post posed it to him). I’d use my powers to do good.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?
Fred: 100 duck horses. You can crowdsurf on miniature horses.
Monica: A horse-sized duck. I would just tickle it or something.

Would you rather live an average life and be forgotten, or go down in history for something terrible?
Monica: I would never want to be awful. My family would remember me for as long as I need to be remembered.
Fred: It takes a lot of effort to be terrible. I want to lead a perfectly average life.

Half a million DKK falls into your lap. What do you do with it?
Monica: I’m fairly pragmatic. Host a big party for all my friends, I guess. I’d save the rest.
Fred: How many lollipops do you think you can buy with half a million DKK?

What is the last crime you committed?
Fred: It was a while ago, but I broke into an amusement park and climbed on a roller-coaster.
Monica: Skinny dipping at Islands Brygge at 3 am. Wait, is that even illegal?

We think not, Monica. But maybe Fred can take you for a raid on Tivoli before the Christmas season ends!

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