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Christmas Crush: Thomas and Marina

How does a mix of scientific babble and alcohol aplenty sound for a first date? That's what Marina, 23, student of design and innovation was in for when she met Christiania-child Thomas, 25, a student of science of education

“I don’t know, dating is so complicated. I don’t think I’ve ever had a first date by the rules, ” says Thomas, offering me a seat on a three-legged, plushy armchair.

We are inside Byens Lys, Christiania’s cinema, where more than two hundred people are waiting for the latest instalment of Science&Cocktails, which includes a talk on “The Science of Sleep”, by one of Denmark’s leading neurophysiologists, followed by a mysterious music performance.

Behind us, seasoned mixologists in lab-coats are tending the bar and churning out cocktails with exotic names like Red Shift or Primordial Soup.

Pick a field of science to be an expert in
Marina: I’ll go for the Science of Cocktails
Thomas: Can I be an expert in Lego? Or maybe Black Holes, I can’t decide.

What’s the worst thing about Christmas?
Marina: That Christmas also means exam time.
Thomas: Consumerism.

Rate this place for a date
Marina: It’s good, I like the atmosphere. The cocktails are also pretty good
Thomas: I’m not sure how I like it for a date, I don’t think I’ve had so many official first dates. Do people actually go on dates? How does that even work? But I live here – in the collective just upstairs – so I guess I’m supposed to say that I like it.

Which historical figure would you go out for dinner with?
Marina: Picasso
Thomas: Ulrike Meinhof. She was a German left-wing militant in an organisation called R.A.F.

And what would you cook for them?
Marina: We don’t cook, we’ll only serve alcohol.
Thomas: Yes. And a coffee in the end.

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