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Christmas in the Ceremonial Hall - the photos

University of Copenhagen's 'festsal' packed with international scientists for Christmas party with homely Danish traditions. Father Christmas? Yes

A 30-man choir, a Christmas show with a ‘little ugly Christmas tree’, and Father Christmas.

All thanks to the International Staff Mobility organisation ISM who had invited internaional scientists from the University of Copenhagen to their annual get-together.

“The inspiration for the party came from the fact that most internationals are not invited into a Danish house for Christmas and able to see what it’s like on the inside, so we wanted to show people what kind of food they eat and different activities, such as dancing around the Christmas tree,” said Ieva Aleknaite of ISM to the University Post.

Here below are some photos from the event. Photographers Samantha R. Brown, Chenchen Zhang and Lucas Skræddegaard.

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