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City Hall set to reject new mosque

DANISH NEWS - The city's finance committee will vote Tuesday, 8 March and politicians are lining up to block the project

Copenhagen City Council politicians have expressed concern about the prospect of a major new mosque in the capital, writes and

City Hall’s Technical & Planning Committee has already granted the Islamic Faith Society dispensation to extend its current mosque on Dortheavej into a bigger, grander design, but councilors are now having second thoughts following the hidden camera revelations of TV 2’s four-part documentary series, ‘Mosques Behind the Veil’.

The Finance Committee will vote on the project Tuesday, 8 March but politicians were lining up last night to block the project.

“I intend to vote no and I would urge others to do the same,” said Culture & Leisure Administrator Carl Christian Ebbesen (DPP). “We’ve been shown what goes on behind closed doors at these mosques so we need to be extremely vigilant.”

The group behind the project can’t be trusted

However, according Lars Aslan, the Social Democrats’ policy spokesman at City Hall, dispensation to build the mosque has already been given and can’t just be rescinded.

“There are many organisations that I don’t like but which are legal,” he said last night. “As politicians we can’t ban things just because we don’t agree with their purpose.”

Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard said on Sunday that Aarhus City Council will deny local Muslims.

The right to build a great mosque in Denmark’s ‘second-city’ because the TV documentary has shown that the group behind the project can’t be trusted.

Read the article on the Danish news site here

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