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Classy, not trashy: it´s burlesque

The University of Copenhagen's sports club, USG, offers many athletic activities. There's basketball, tennis, yoga, pilates...or the sensual dance art of burlesque

At first sight it might look like striptease – but it’s not. Its hotter, more sensual, more seductive…it’s burlesque! This performance art is not about stripping, but sensually displaying the female form – hips, butt, and, most importantly, the wrist. Check out our gallery here.

Burlesque is a 17th and 18th century version of a stylish striptease, originally showcased in the theatres of Britain and USA. Modern, or neo-burlesque, has been popularized by burlesque artists such as Dita Von Teese, who famously performs inside of a giant martini glass.

The art of burlesque has its roots in vaudeville and satire, with the emphasis on artistic performance and exaggerated movements.

Moving in a sensual way

Although appearing similar to strip fitness, these scantily clad girls from the USG burlesque team in Copenhagen don’t strip off.

“I told my grandmother that I was a burlesque dancer, and she had a lot of questions, because she thought I had to strip off all my clothes.” says Rie, a Danish student, ”But then I promised her that the only thing I would take off were my gloves!”

The team consists of more than 40 female university students, and one very enthusiastic burlesque trainer! Students learn how to control and move their bodies in a sensual way, while having fun in a relaxed environment.

Big performance in May

“I started on this class to get confidence,” says Mette, another student from the class.

Note to the guys (and girls!) If you consider yourself more of a spectator of burlesque than a performer, then come to the big performance 4 May at Nørre Alle 55. It’s free!

Until then: Be sure to check out the pics below!

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