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Click your way to sound ethics

University of Copenhagen and Novo Nordisk launch new online tools to help you solve ethical dilemmas

Should you tell your best friend if her boyfriend is cheating? Would you save a group of old people from drowning even if it would make your own lifeboat sink?

These are just two of the ethical dilemmas presented in new e-learning tools from Novo Nordisk and the University of Copenhagen launched at a recent conference.

The tools are designed to improve ethics decision-making skills and to get to know your personal ethics profiles.

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Navigate ‘grey zones’

Two tools were launched at the conference – an Ethics Decision-Making Tool and an Ethics Dilemma tool.

The Ethics Decision-Making Tool consists of a checklist that helps users analyse the ethical dilemma and weigh the pros and cons of each situation.

This is designed to help users navigate ethical grey zones, says Lise Kingo, Executive Vice President of Novo Nordisk.

Would you keep your kidney?

The Ethics Dilemma tool includes general questions such as: »Yours is the only kidney that can save a distant relative you’ve only met once. Would you feel obligated to donate your kidney?«

There are also themed questions on child labour and malaria research, among other topics.

The developers hope it will provide a »better understanding of basic ethics and practical guidance on how to make sound decisions«.

High hopes

Peter Sandøe, Professor of Bioethics, Faculty of Life Sciences at Copenhagen University has high hopes:

»It is our hope that the Ethics Dilemma tool will enhance mutual appreciation and fruitful dialogue,« he says at the launch event.

»When faced with an ethical dilemma there is no clear right or wrong and what you decide to do is influenced by many factors including your ethical standpoint.«

This cooperation comes on the back of Novo Nordic’s increasing presence at the University of Copenhagen, after a DKK 885 million donation from the Novo Nordisk Foundation in March this year.

Both ethics tools can be used free of charge.

Try them out and get your personal ethics profile here.