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Climate volunteers wanted

Save the world and have fun at the same time. The People’s Climate Summit is looking for volunteers. See how you can sign up

Worried about the weather? You too can do your bit to fight global warming and other climate catastrophes by volunteering to take part in the alternative Climate Summit, Klimaforum09.

While politicians from all over the world meet in Copenhagen in December to discuss climate change, NGO’s and interested individuals from throughout the world will be gathering for their own climate talks.

Klimaforum09 will take place between 7 and 18 December, like the UN conference. The Klimaforum09 will take place in the Copenhagen sports centre DGI Byen.

No Danish necessary

Klimaforum09 is hoping to recruit a total of 800 volunteers, as well as 50 dedicated climate warriors to steer this army of volunteers in the right direction.

The good news for the non-Danish speakers among you with a burning desire to do a good deed for the planet is that Danish is not a requirement. However, for the supervisor positions, experience of conference or event planning is a bonus.

And if it has proven difficult to get close to the natives since you arrived in Copenhagen, this may be the perfect opportunity.

Co-operation and openness

Indeed, Asmund Birkals, head of volunteers explains to the University Post that Klimaforum09 hopes to attract both International and Danish volunteers as this reflects the spirit of co-operation and openness he sees as a necessity if the climate crisis is to be resolved.

»We need to be open and tolerant with each other if we want to get further with the climate,« he says.

Over 100 workshops

The programme is not finalised yet but assures the University Post that there will be a whole host of theatre, music and film arrangements as well as over 100 workshops on climate issues.

When asked what volunteers will get out of the experience, Asmund is in no doubt:

»They will have a great time with a group of really passionate people,« he enthuses.

If you are interested in being a supervisor or a volunteer send an email to Asmund Birkals, Head of volunteers at or check out their website here.