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Club for offbeat films

Students invited to offbeat films and documentaries

Every Wednesday, the movie club ‘Not Enough Lava Lamps’ gets together to enjoy experimental movies: The kind of movies that you will never know unless you have an unhealthy obsession for film and cinema.

Nonetheless when you have seen them, you wonder how you could ever live without knowing.

This upcoming Wednesday the 12th, the theme of the night will belong to Canadian documentarist Peter Mettler.

Essays, explorations

The first movie, ’Picture of Light’ (1994), is a search for the Northern Light, but also a very meditative, spiritual journey, shot in really drastic weather conditions in Churchill, Manitoba. In the second, ‘Gambling, Gods and LSD’ (2002) –documents the outside world through intense introspection and the pursuit of near-mystical

Letiţia Despina, a Master’s student in media sciences at the University of Copenhagen is one of the organizers.

»Peter Mettler’s films are like essays, explorations that don’t fit any pre-given film genre,« she says.

Old venue

»Throughout both films we don’t only experience the ineffable, but we do so also through meeting extraordinary characters, real people on quests of their own. It’s really powerful and beautiful. «

The film club shows its films in the old loft at Huset in Magstraede, which is an old cinema venue.

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