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Coming up: International House opening

The International House will offer help with legal paperwork, accommodation, and the reconstruction of a social network

You’ve moved to a foreign country, everything is alien, your social network is nonexistent, and you are expected to fill a plethora of forms in a strange and foreign tongue. This is the predicament many internationals face, and, as reported earlier, is something the soon-to-be International House tries to rectify

The new establishment will serve as a help centre, with University of Copenhagen’s International Staff Mobility (ISM) division helping newcomers with legal assistance and practical issues such as residence permits and tax forms. In the evenings it will transform into a club house, where it will host various social events, and help new internationals form new networks.

“In order to attract the best researchers, we must create the best possible environment for their work and family life and offer a complete package. Apart from an exciting research environment, there are other important factors such as housing conditions, social relationships and an easy transition to life in a new country that influence foreign knowledge workers and their families in their decision to move abroad,” says prorector Thomas Bjørnholm to

Hotel la internationale

In addition, the International House offers 31 guest rooms, which can be rented by international staff, while they attempt to find more permanent accommodation.

“I have just been hired by the Economics Department at University of Copenhagen. ISM has been of great assistance during the process of getting to Copenhagen and settling in. Both myself and my wife look forward to joining their social activities. In particular I have been to the International House and I like the idea of having there a Researchers Hotel. I think that could ease more the process of moving to this lovely city,” says associate professor Martín Gonzalez Eiras to

The International House officially opens on 4 June at 3pm, with speeches, drinks, snacks, and smooth jazz, on Gyldenløvesgade 11, Copenhagen V.

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