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Coming up: Rector to confront Minister over budget

The Danish Minister of Science is right now getting ready to make her way to the University of Copenhagen. She will defend dramatic budget cuts at an open meeting in the Ceremonial Hall at 14.30

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen and Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation are right now polishing their arguments before they meet today Tuesday at 14.30 in the Ceremonial Hall to debate recent budget cuts that could cost up to 700 jobs at the university.

Last week, University of Copenahgen Ralf Hemmingsen send a circular to all staff members warning of the dire consequences of the budget cuts, which were agreed upon by the government and its supporting Danish People’s party (DF) as part of its austerity package.

Minister of Science Charlotte Sahl-Madsen has defended the cuts, saying that the university management has known about them for some time.

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As well as the Rector and the Minister of Science, there will be a representative from the national student union, as well as from the The Confederation of Danish Industry and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations.

The event is in Danish. Sign up here.

Our Danish section Universitetsavisen will be on the spot with full coverage, with the University Post hard upon their heels.