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Coming up: student matriculation ceremony

Today at 13:30 the new international students are officially welcomed to the University, with an opportunity to meet the Universities head honchos and other international students

The introduction starts with a ceremony from the rector, the deans and the university director in the lavishly decorated Ceremonial Hall.

The welcome will last about half an hour and includes a speech by Rector Ralf Hemmingsen and musical performances by the Danish students’ choral society Studentersangforeningen and the Big Band MI22.

Following closely is a less formal social event in Lindegården, located behind the hall, where you can buy food, drinks and get to know your fellow students. The night will be rounded off with some more live music.

See the old university

All newly admitted students received a personal admission card to the event with their admission letter from University of Copenhagen which is required for entry.

No registration is needed for the after party in Lindegården where KUBLIS the university’s alumni association will also be present at the after party to give international students a chance to sign up.

For new international students it’s a great opportunity to see one of the oldest parts of the university, meet the top brass and meet other international students from outside your faculty.

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