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Comment: Breaking down barriers at the Spring Festival

It might seem like the physicists don’t have that much in common with the anthropologists, but that’s only half the truth, says student council member Michael Pallisgaard

It goes without saying that we’re gearing up for one hell of a party, when the University of Copenhagen Spring Festival rolls in on 9 May. However, that’s not the only reason why it’s such a great idea for the University to be hosting such an event – far from it.

The University of Copenhagen is the biggest university in Denmark. This can be something to be proud of, but also something that leads to complications, for example when it comes to having a shared identity and study environment.

UCPH is home to an enormous amount of diversity, and on the surface it might seem like the physicists don’t have that much in common with the anthropologists. But that’s only half the truth.

One party for all

All in all, we do have a lot in common across the university’s six faculties and even larger number of campuses. Unfortunately, this commonality is something we meet far too rarely in our daily life at the university. And that’s a damn shame.

In the Student Council we’re extremely satisfied that our idea of a party for everyone at our university is becoming a reality.

Together with the University of Copenhagen and the Student House, we’re ready to break down the barriers between the different groups at the university, barriers that exist not only between the different fields of study but also between students and employees.

Ask that theologian

That’s why it’s so important to us, that an entire day is being dedicated to the coming together of differences. A possibility for the student to meet the otherwise formal secretary in another environment, where you can have a discussion with your professor without worrying about the 200 other students attending the lecture.

A day where you can meet the humans behind the category you might usually just see.

A day where you can ask the theologian whether she believes in god or the law student if they really just want to earn a lot of money.

Beer, foosball, and diversity

A day where we can challenge the predetermined notions we might have about each other and learn to see the positive side of diversity.

All in all, there can be no doubt that we from the Student Council can’t wait to drink a beer in the warm May weather, dance to amazing music and kick ass in the foosball tournament!

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