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Comment: Feeling up the Danish guys

I touched a Danish guy — sexually. He did not respond. How rude! In this featured comment, a Spanish student stakes her claim

Before coming to Denmark, I gathered all the information available on the Danish flirting rules that I could find on the net. I had never met a Dane before and I was a bit sceptical about it, but the stereotype said they were hot, good looking, open, direct. In short – it was easy to get laid.

That said, I would never have dared to actually make a move on one, but the circumstances led me on to it.

Once I was in Denmark, my male foreign friends bragged to me that every night a bunch of hot, tall, slim and blonde girls were ‘feeling them up’. As they recounted, they were just chatting and drinking beers and, then suddenly, a Danish girl would turn up and touch their chests with determination, and, another even more gorgeous Danish girl would come after her and do the same, maybe even ‘going south’ and rubbing what she found there. Whether the girls said something or not did not matter, because my friends did not understand any Danish anyway.

In this context, I thought the following. ‘If it is normal in this country for girls to be proactive, why can’t I act like one and try my luck? The selection of the guy doesn’t matter since they are all hot, I reckoned, so it will be a quick experiment’. Said and done. I called a few girls and we approached the first group of Danes we found. You can easily imagine it: Tall, athletic, well-dressed, fancy hairstyle and quiet.

So quiet.

When we touched them in turn in the same way as Danish girls were supposed to have done before, it seemed that they did not even feel it! Too many muscles to realize it, I guess. They did not act, they did not speak, they did not even touch in return! Such bad manners, I thought.

I must confess. I was disappointed and I was bored. So I started to look at other Danish girls and try to understand their Scandinavian weapons of seduction. Maybe I was doing it badly. I confirmed then, that it was absolutely true what my friends where saying. They were not even exaggerating!

Looking at it this way, now, I suddenly noticed it: Girls were approaching guys so shamelessly that the guys were trying to run away. It was hilarious. The world upside down.

Solitary girls stalking groups of boys, who were saying to them ‘please, ladies, today is boys’ night, let us have some fun here’. And then the guys danced among themselves to a piece of latin music and ignored the girls.

I came back home alone that night.

All my senses had enjoyed something, except my sense of taste maybe, which only drank the beers.

So Danish guys, this message is for you. No more shyness, please. Stay beautiful, but stop being passive and scared.

And Danish girls, this message is for you. Not so aggressive, please. Stay gorgeous, nonconformist and cheeky, but leave a bit of space for the rest of us.

I am sick of flirting and play-acting. Now I want some interesting action.

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