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Comment: Just give us a call beforehand

University Post / Universitetsavisen write that I had a confrontation with the press, and attempted to prevent press coverage of the police search of Milena Penkowa's former office today. I think that this is a tad over-dramatised

I told the members of the press present, that they couldn’t follow the police up into the department. Only the Editor of Universitetsavisen, expressed his disagreement with this. The other members of the media and I went to the canteen, had a cup of coffee and waited for the police raid to be over.

Standard procedure, as we expect it, is to have an agreement ready before granting the press access to the departments. In this case, none of the members of the press had arranged anything with us beforehand.

As I also explained to Universitetsavisen, we do this in consideration of our employees: The departments are places of work, and people should be able to work uninterrupted, unless something else has been arranged.

In this situation, I didn’t deem it necessary to break this rule. The public has of course an interest in the case, but I honestly find it hard to see how the press witnessing the police search is going to help shed further light on the case itself.

The press can speak to Milena Penkowa, the police, and the others involved, to shed some light on the search at any time. To say that I prevented the press from covering this event is off the mark. I can even see that University Post / Universitetsavisen has already written a lengthy report on it.

So, dear University Post / Universitetsavisen: You are most welcome at the Faculty of Health Sciences, but if you want to visit the areas where people work, please let us know in advance.

best regards

Morten Jastrup
Head of Communications
Faculty of Health Sciences

(Translated by University Post)