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Comment: Wanna Meet Danes? Volunteer!

American student Winnon Brunson Jr. went through many a party before he found a better way to meet Danish people

Meeting Danes through parties can be challenging. Most of the time, you are either screaming over loud music and/or trying to communicate with someone not so sober.

So, while reading through the University Post’s Top 10 tips to meet Danes, situated at number 9, I was happy to discover what turned out to be a great entry point for me: Café Retro Nørrebro.

Shortly after, I started volunteering at the café. It is a non-profit organization who gives its profit to development projects in third world countries, particularly Sierra Leone.

Pros and Cons

While serving a good purpose, I get to enjoy a cozy place with a relaxed atmosphere. I can easily have a chill night, meet new people while enjoying a nice drink or even do homework using the café’s free Wi-Fi. Finally, I get to work with different groups of people, including the much sought-after Danes.

The only con is that most material and some events are in Danish. However, if you don’t speak any Danish, they try their best to decrease the language barrier as much as possible.

All in all, I can only recommend volunteering. If not for anything else, then at least to get to know some friendly Danes.

See Café Retro Nørrebro’s website here

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