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Competition: The bad, the worse, and the ugly

Our sponsors are donating an iPad 1 to the best or worst experience that you, our dear readers, have had at the University of Copenhagen. Up until now, it goes from worse to awful...

OK we will be frank with you guys. The stories submitted so far have ranged from the skin-crawlingly awful to the embarassing.

Come on now! We have an iPad 1 for you. Apple’s distributor Eplehuset in Denmark has donated it, and we want something in return. We want your best, or worst, University of Copenhagen experience.

There is still time to write your wonderful or terrible experience in the comment field below. Remember your name, so we can find you if you have won.

Your story is not as bad as mine

In the coming weeks we will be putting up sets of stories from both and the Danish site up for the vote.

The stories that get the most votes go on to subsequent rounds, and at the end of May 2011 we find the lucky winner of an iPad 1.

So this is the University Post / Universitetsavisen newsroom’s first selection of stories. Don’t worry if you have already submitted a story recently, it may still be in the running. You can read the stories submitted in the comment field below the articles here and on the Danish site here.

First selection

For the first round we have chosen four stories, three of them are in Danish, but we have made a summary of them here so non-Danish speakers can get the gist of them:

Johannes found himself stuck in the pouring rain with a new, fresh cold sore in the middle of his face, without the books he should have had with him for his exams. Then he failed.

Nobody bothered to tell Denise when her building was evacuated as a mysterious smoke started seeping in through the doorways. She couldn’t understand where everyone had gone. As she puts it to herself, self-deprecatingly: My fellow students said that »they took it for granted that I was out of the building, but I have been thinking. Maybe I should start drawing more attention to myself.«

Cutbacks at the University had Kirstine’s classes cut from the syllabus. So her Easter break was used for an intensive crash study of the physiology of the intestine.

Shimelis, from Ethiopia, had a bad first day in Denmark. Taking the bus from Holland, he ended up in Jutland, instead of Copenhagen. This is the uplifting part of his story. After an expensive train trip to Copenhagen, his friend failed to show up at the Central Station. A ‘kind’ Danish guy gave him DKK 0.25 for a call, with no success. Taking a taxi to the Faculty of Life Sciences to register, it was closed, and he was forced to collapse in an expensive Copenhagen hotel.

Vote for one of the four experiences that you think is the best WORST below. The winner will go on to the next round.


You must be student or staff at the University of Copenhagen, and you may send in as many experiences as you want. Write each experience as a comment in the comment field. Try to keep it short.

Newsroom journalists and freelancers may not take part, but may vote. You can only vote once per computer.

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