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Copenhagen 51st on QS ranking

The rankings season kicks off with UCPH gaining one spot over last year on QS ranking. Rival ranking, the Times one, attempts to steal thunder

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is ranked 51st among the world’s universities. This is according to QS, one of four benchmark rankings used by the University of Copenhagen management to gauge its performance.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology takes the top spot, with the University of Cambridge second, and Harvard third.

Rankings tend to favour Anglo-American institutions. The first non-Anglo-American university is ETH Zürich at 13th.

See the rankings for yourself here

Best in Life Science and Medicine, Humanities

Copenhagen’s domestic competitor Aarhus University achieved an 89th place.

Broke down into different subject areas, the University of Copenhagen ranked 72nd in Social Sciences & Management, 82nd in Natural Sciences, 51st in Life Sciences & Medicine, 386th in Engineering & Technology and 69th in Arts & Humanities.

The QS is the ranking that uses the original methodology of the traditional Times Higher Education ranking. Times Higher Education has since divorced from QS and changed its methodology.

Cheeky release

In a release that is likely to have been timed to coincide with the QS results, the Times Higher Education World University Ranking claims to show that students look at their ranking the most.

Citing ‘research’ by the international student recruitment agency IDP of ‘globally mobile students’, Times Higher Education World University Rankings says that it attracted more responses than any other ranking – some 67 per cent. QS only got 50 per cent.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings will be released 3 October.

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