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Copenhagen 5th most expensive city

Things like petrol, diapers and bus tickets make sure Copenhagen stays one of the most expensive cities in the world, according to new price ranking

In terms of price, Copenhagen ranks fifth in the world, only outdone by Oslo, São Paulo, Stockholm and Sydney, reports and

The price-comparison company PriceRunner, which has ranked world cities since 2001, had Copenhagen the world’s sixth most expensive in 2010, and the world’s second most expensive in 2009 and 2008.

»It is usually ordinary everyday products like gasoline, diapers and bus tickets that are more expensive,« says Martin Andersen, Country Manager of PriceRunner in Denmark.

Consumers need to compare

PriceRunner created its list to help consumers compare the prices of specific products in 32 world cities. The company believes it’s important for consumers to be able to compare prices when travelling.

In one of Pricerunner’s examples, a pack of O.B. tampons costs DKK 11,51 in Shanghai, the fourth cheapest on the list, while the same pack would cost DKK 41,51 in Copenhagen.

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