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Copenhagen gets grant to combat obesity

A DKK 120 million grant from the Ministry of Science now has the University of Copenhagen (U of C) working to understand, prevent and treat lifestyle illnesses

With a little over a sixth of the world’s population overweight, the World Health Organization (WHO) considers obesity to be one of the biggest global health risks.

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A DKK 120m 5-year grant from the Danish Ministry of Science is to help the University of Copenhagen come up with a solution. In the project Food, Fitness and Pharma, researchers from socioeconomic or food scientific backgrounds are to collaborate with those working with genetics, epidemiology, muscle physiology and pharmacology.

»It is a breakthrough in teamwork. Researchers from 17 departments from six faculties will be working together in new, synergy-enhancing constellations, and with a cross-disciplinary approach.« says Thue Schwartz, professor of molecular pharmacology, who is leading the project.

The research programme, Food, Fitness & Farma, is the U of C’s largest cross-disciplinary initiative yet.

In the last 10-20 years there has been a drastic rise in the amount of people obese and diabetic. Not only are obese people getting bullied in school or at work, they are also at a high risk to suffer from heart disease, strokes, hypertension, gallstones, osteoarthritis and cancer.