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Copenhagen is high quality of life, but at a price

Copenhagen is number 39 in the world when ranked in student-friendliness. Paris is the best place to study, according to the new ranking

Copenhagen is in the top group of 50 student friendly cities in the world, but is beaten by our Nordic neighbour, Stockholm.

This is according to a new QS ranking of student-friendliness. Their ranking is based on measures taken from public information, population sizes, number of educational establishments and their quality (as judged by the QS World University Rankings). This is the first ever independent measure of the best cities to study across the world, according to QS.

Stockholm is 12 places above Copenhagen in the ranking, receiving 27th place. First and second place go to Paris and London.

High quality of life

The number of international students (student mix), the quality of living, employer activity and the city’s affordability make up the four main judging criteria of the QS ranking.

See the ranking here.

Copenhagen scores low relative to the top-rated cities in the categories employer activity and affordability.

However, the quality of life rating stands out in Copenhagen, at 97. First-placed Paris scores 91 here, while Stockholm scores 94.

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